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Today is a good day to die start Mac OS X port :)

1 February 2008

Hope next release will gladden Mac users too :)

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Good news for microsoft® windows™ users

30 January 2008

Next release for Windows will use DirectX instead of OpenGL. It will enable hardware acceleration for users w/o vendor drivers or with exotic video cards. Anyway it’s 2–3 times faster than glSDL implementation. Maybe I’ll write my own OpenGL proxy-renderer for SDL sometime, who knows? 

Among various improvements and fixes, this release contains new, incremental network protocol using 2–3 times less data than older one. 

Also I wrote prototype of the free 3d-sound library (HRIR, HRTF and other cryptic stuff), I hope I’d finish it in 2–3 month.

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The editor goes public

14 January 2008

Battle Tanks editor is available in SVN. Read README-editor.txt !

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Xmas mode

25 December 2007

Annoying xmas-mode could be switched off by --no-xmas command line parameter. Or by waiting for 7th of January :)

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Something about upcoming 0.7

7 December 2007

We’ve done another big step towards the next release: rebalanced all stuff, reduced bullet ranges, implemented dozen new cool objects and modes (including submarine with ballistic nuke missiles), added LUA scripting which can affect almost all stuff on maps. 

But now we’ve hardly needed bright ideas for new maps demonstrating power of the new engine:) Feel free to drop a line or two in comments.

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Italian translation

22 August 2007

Francesco Bolzoni added Italian translation to the game. It will be available in the next releases. We are really appreciate your help! Thank you :)

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French translation

27 July 2007

Good news: Simon Fekete from the community added French translation to btanks. Thanks!

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First donation

26 July 2007

OMG!!! We’ve got first donation!!! Thank you, generous anonymous!

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