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Battle Tanks project needs your help

5 May 2010

Battle Tanks projects seeks level-designers for open-source version of the game. Unfortunately we cannot hire non-Russian speaking people due to dual-licensed source and difficulties with payments into foreign countries.

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Battle Tanks server notes

4 May 2010

Battle Tank could run in server mode from the command line:

btanks --server --log=server.log --game-type=deathmatch --map=curfew,paintball --ai=3

(run server, write log to server.log, game type set to deathmatch, map cycling: curfew and paintball. Added 3 ai players, which could be replace by real players instantly.
game-type could be “deathmatch”, “cooperative”, “ctf” or “team-deathmatch”.

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xmas 0.9 release

25 December 2009

Merry xmas, everyone! Sorry for the long delay, we’re back! New servers are up and running, so expect release very soon

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Critical update for multiplayer - upgrade everyone!

3 September 2008

Recently we’ve discovered terrible bug in multiplayer code preventing users from connecting to the server. :(

We’ve re-uploaded 0.8.7686, and uploaded two micro patches. Update1+2 for is the vanilla 0.8.7656 and update2 for the updated to 0.8.7667 installations. Sorry for inconvenience.

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News from the battlefield

5 August 2008

Just a few minutes ago I finished MacOSX port of Battle Tanks. Proofpic:

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And now for something completely different!

1 August 2008

We got Solar Eclipse right now here in Russia, Novosibirsk.
photo by lj user otmenych

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Ukrainian localization

21 July 2008

Our game now have Ukrainian localization. Thanks to Vadim Nehay.

This localization will be included to the final release 0.8.xxxx. Now it can be found in SVN.

By the way, we are wanna appeal to those who have translate our game to their languages. There are a lot of new phrases that need to be translated. We would appreciate if you renew your localization.

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Our Moronic Soundtrack

9 June 2008

You could listen it online or download all files here.

What's your favourite tune?

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By the way, we’re assembling stand-alone server for the internet game. Stay tuned. There’s a chance releasing battle tanks within week.

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Some news on upcoming release

4 May 2008

Uranium mines affected us: there was no release for four months. But we struggle as real heroes and patriots. We’re preparing another «most featured» release powered by arm uranium.

We added the team modes to our neat arcade, even Capture The Flag! These modes are playable on each deathmatch map. 95% of code have been finished, just a few more testing is remaining. And as always there is a brand new map!

Linux geeks could grab code from svn right now (beware of bugs!).

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Finally we have dropped OpenAL support. R.I.P.

24 March 2008

I wrote a complete 3d-sound library recently. It’s as abstract as possible, so you can freely use it in your projects (LGPL license). Still very experimental and subject to change, but already usable. Or maybe wait for release. Anyway feel free to contact me.

Next targets are playing via internet and MacOS X port. Thank you for your attention.

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