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Good news, everyone :)

21 August 2007

First of all, after several days of hardcore debugging I “fixed” openal for debian-amd64. (Removed mmx support on x86_64 arch). Debian packages available here.

Also, btanks were added to gentoo. :)

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Release 0.5.4739 is out

15 August 2007

0.5.4739 is bugfix and multiplayer enhancement release. Several major features and fixes:

  • You can join network game in split screen mode.
  • Added optional time limit to deathmatch map.
  • You can talk with other players by hitting ENTER/RETURN key.
  • UTF-8 everywhere! You can use diacritics from French or Germal language without transliteration.
  • Several new cheats :)
  • Tuned global messages (about new tasks, game over or checkpoints ) to avoid mixing with menus or map background.
  • Once again troopers don’t shoot through the walls.
  • Multiplayer errors do not shutdown game anymore and many many other multiplayer fixes.
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Linux distibutions

1 August 2007

Do not have package for battle tanks in your favorite Linux distro? File a bug report! Gentoo tracker already has such item: bug 172772. (I’ve heard that SUSE recently included btanks package).

PS: Thanks Lior Kaplan for pointing at Debian bug

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finally, 0.5.4536 is out!

23 July 2007

The famous computer magazine “” published an article about this game. In consideration of that fact, we added German translation to our game. :)

Some major changes since previous release: First and really amazing feature is “torus” mode, where map seems to be endless and infinite in a both vertical and horizontal directions. (Lenin square and Gaddino maps were converted to this mode)
Also, we added localization and internationalization support to the engine. Cyrillic and Diacritic Unicode charts were drawn, so any European or Cyrillic language could be easily added.
Some crazy fans could enjoy “fog of war” mode. This mode limits your visible area to 800×600 on a larger screens.
Computer players have learnt some close combat skills and become much stronger opponents. Also, another beautiful “platform” map were added, demonstrating smooth scrolling in animated backgrounds. Burst through abandoned orbital city! :)

Download now

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