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Frequent crashes on 64-bit platforms

26 December 2007

Do you have 64-bit Linux and experience frequent crashes? It’s known OpenAL problem.

  1. Report about that problem to your distro’s bug tracker.
  2. OpenAL must be built without MMX support. There’s no performance penalty on modern platforms. Also you could remove __MMX__ related code by yourself, as I did for debian packages.
  3. As a temporary solution — you could switch off sound with --no-sound command line argument or set disable-music/sound in ~/.btanks/bt.xml.
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Unofficial Ubuntu build

28 August 2007

Legendary Miriam Ruiz built Ubuntu (maybe Debian) packages for i386, ppc and amd64. :)

Packages are available for download here:

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Good news, everyone :)

21 August 2007

First of all, after several days of hardcore debugging I “fixed” openal for debian-amd64. (Removed mmx support on x86_64 arch). Debian packages available here.

Also, btanks were added to gentoo. :)

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Linux distibutions

1 August 2007

Do not have package for battle tanks in your favorite Linux distro? File a bug report! Gentoo tracker already has such item: bug 172772. (I’ve heard that SUSE recently included btanks package).

PS: Thanks Lior Kaplan for pointing at Debian bug

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