How to play? Eh?
Oh, that’s easy: cursor arrows move your vehicle, Ctrl fires, and Shift fires as well, but with alternative weapon. Those are defaults, but you can redefine keys in “Options” — “Redefine keys”.

What do “Single player”, “Split screen player 1”, and “Split screen player 2” options mean?
The game supports a split screen mode–two players can play on the same computer. “Split screen player 1” and “Split screen player 2” options are provided for this split screen mode. Control keys for players can be redefined on “Redefine keys” screen. And joysticks are also supported!

Fog of war (hardcore difficulty)–what’s that?
This mode is onl available on screen resolutions that exceed 800*600. When it’s on, the player will only see the enemy when they are really close.

I’ve started the game and don’t know what to do!
On map selection screen, a tactical map is available—just click on map info box to see it. The tactical map provides some useful info on how to complete the mission. Help tips will give you more help right in action. Also, the radar (M key) marks mission objects with crosses.

I’m out of ammo! Help!!
Gather small UFOs spreaded across the map—these contain very useful things like health, ammo, or weapon upgrades. BTW, you might be interested in full guide on weapons.

I’m stuck in some fence or bush and can’t move! What can I do?
Well, sad but that’s possible. Specially for stuck players, we have designed a self-destruct system that is activated by pressing F12 key. Desctruct yourself, and you’ll respawn on the last checkpoint.

The pass is blocked with houses and fences!
Many (but not all!) fences and houses can be destroyed, just keep shooting them for some time. After you’ve inflicted enough damage to the obstacle, you’ll see the hole that you can drive through.

I saw an unoccupied tank there… Can I drive it?
Unoccupied vehicles can be found on all maps. And yes, you can drive them. To get into another vehicle, first leave your current one by pressing F1, and then just run into the other one—your trooper will board the empty vehicle automatically. And remember that you can also occupy civilian transport!

How to drive a vehicle of another type?
When you choose a map, there is a panel at the right side where you can choose a vehicle. And also you can choose the vehicle in action.

How to enable split screen mode?
When choosing a map or joining a network game, see a Split Screen selector at the top of the screen. Turn it to Yes to enable split screen mode.

How to play via network?
First of all, start the game on one machine. That will be server. When starting the game, keep some players slots empty, and remote players will be able to join the game and occupy these slots. On remote machines, choose Join a game in the main menu and type in the server host (that can be IP or domain name); you can also click Add to store the address in the list. Then click Join—and you will enter the game if there are empty slots on the server.

How to see network game stats?
Press “Tab”.

Can I play in split screen via network?
Sure. On server machine, choose Yes in Split screen mode selector, as explained above.

Can I help the developers?
Yes of course! Please report all bugs or problems using our bug tracker; and share your game experience with us in this blog.

And we will gladly accept your translation of the game (and the website, including this page!) to any new language (currently we have Russian, English, German and French ones).

And the simplest way to help the project is making a donation—our developers are always hungry!

I am a representative of… Umm… Well, I have an offer for your team.
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