BattleTanks-0.9 was just released!

Have been long since last release, isn’t it? Today we’re releasing major engine update to Battle Tanks. This update comes with brand new server! Unfortunately we have not finished any new maps, it’s still work-in-progress. All volunteers are welcome!  If you’re feeling that you could help, do not hesitate to contact us – we’d provide any help you need. Also I’m starting to document everything, but enough plans. Here’s some notes about 0.9 release:

  • We prioritize internal network queue improving overall multiplayer experience.
  • New version of clunk library: MDCT, HRTF, SSE and other obscure words :)
  • Better compression - new release is about 30m!
  • Player profiles support.
  • No need for DirectX9 anymore. 3d-acceleration was ported to DX8.
  • Fixed ancient bug when boarding a vehicle could become very tricky without rolling - now it could be done very easily.
  • Lot of performance optimizations, better collision tracking.

Note for package maintainers: we have renamed to due the conflict with BlackBox (whatever it is).

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  1. Sorex Says:

    А почему исходники только 30 Мб? 0.8 были 60 Мб!

    Не люблю поправлять но, “караван”, а не “корован” :) Или там коровы? :)

  2. whoozle Says:


    По поводу размера: мы оптимизировали графику и музыку.

  3. blackbox Says:

  4. lezer Says:


  5. whoozle Says:

    ээээ, а что такое D? раздел на винте? флешка?

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