Critical update for multiplayer - upgrade everyone!

Recently we’ve discovered terrible bug in multiplayer code preventing users from connecting to the server. :(

We’ve re-uploaded 0.8.7686, and uploaded two micro patches. Update1+2 for is the vanilla 0.8.7656 and update2 for the updated to 0.8.7667 installations. Sorry for inconvenience.

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  1. ylgyh112 Says:

    When will “the port for 10.4 Tiger” be released, plz?

  2. whoozle Says:

    dunno, we does not have tiger installation to test it :(

  3. whoozle Says:

    So, I ported all stuff to 10.4 today. Tonight we’ll test it on 10.4 and upload to tomorrow. :) Stay in touch!

  4. ylgyh112 Says:

    Wow~that’s great!!!!

  5. charlie Says:


  6. Steve14 Says:

    Although I’m running 0.8.7686 now, the game isn’t able to find any master server for internet sessions. Nothing appears on the server list when I click on scan …

  7. nfshp Says:

    а под линух как патчить?

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