Battle Tanks 0.8 finally released!

At last! What Bolsheviks were dreaming about for so long now comes true: after a whole month of work we present a final Battle Tanks 0.8.7656. And even for Mac users! Thanks to all for your bug reports, and please send more!

The full changelog is more than 100 lines long, so we will only mention news after 0.8-RC1.


  • The engine is ported to MacOS X 10.5 Leopard. We also think about a port for 10.4 Tiger.
  • For linuxoids, an “install” target is added for scons.
  • A new Ukrainian localization is added, as well as new diacritic marks for the Cyrillic codepage.
  • Thanks to a better algorithm of counting the delays (based on bar chart of errors) and a new method of serialization of floats, the quality of life network game became better.
  • A DNS cache is added to eliminate delays on scanning the servers.


  • Servers in the connection dialog are now colored: live servers are green and dead ones are white. We have also added a progress indicator for the scanning process.
  • Buttons are now highlighted on mouse hover. Easy but looks great!
  • System messages are now displayed using user’s language, not server’s.
  • System icons are re-drawn for WinXP, Vista, and Mac.


  • Damage is increased for tank ammo.
  • Shilka now unloads its cargo when it is killed. So if there were troopers or nuclear mines inside–they drop for everyone’s joy and surprise :-) .


  • An incorrect work of UDP on BSD systems is corrected.
  • Hanging on scanning servers is eliminated.
  • Crash on machines that don’t have a sound card is fixed.
  • A wrong number of channels in ogg stream is now right.
  • Problems with broadcasting UDP are no longer problems.
  • A bug is fixed that allowed some objects to be immortal. (Everyone should have seen a non-destructible spaceport on cooperative maps.)
  • A swarm of small but nasty errors is fixed.

Warning! The Internet game server is also updated, so please don’t try connecting to it using an old client.

5487 Responses to “Battle Tanks 0.8 finally released!”

  1. Vra Says:

    So now there is no way to not use packaged as zip file data files? They can\\\\\\\’t be unpackaged?

  2. Vra Says:

    And network play doesn’t work for me.

    [14:35:15.537][engine/tmx/map.cpp:1254]> [error] deserialize: [engine/src/finder.cpp:237]: file ‘maps/../../../data/tilesets/terrains.png’ not found
    [14:35:15.537][engine/src/player_manager.cpp:654] [error] on_message(0, ServerStatus): [engine/src/finder.cpp:237]: file ‘maps/../../../data/tilesets/terrains.png’ not found

    Single player works fine.

    Its propably problem with map four_rooms. It has still paths to old resources.

  3. whoozle Says:

    >So now there is no way to not use packaged as zip file data files? They can’t be unpackaged?
    yes, they can. just unzip it to folder “data”

  4. Vra Says:

    This doesn\\\’t work for me.
    # ls /usr/share/btanks/data/
    editor.xml font maps playlist preload.xml resources.xml sounds strings.xml tiles tilesets tunes

  5. whoozle Says:

    Could you please contact me directly via icq ? 9443396

  6. t0ster Says:

    У меня собралось, установилось, но к сожалению не работает (ОС Xandros). Вот что пишет:

    /home/user> btanks
    [16:31:02.876][engine/src/config.cpp:48] [error] load: [mrt/file.cpp:36]: fopen(”/home/user/.btanks/bt.xml”, “rt”): No such file or directory
    Illegal instruction

    а потом
    /home/user> btanks
    [16:32:38.890][engine/src/config.cpp:48] [error] load: [mrt/file.cpp:36]: fopen(”/home/user/.btanks/bt.xml”, “rt”): No such file or directory
    Segmentation fault

    /home/user> uname -a
    Linux asus-1982255926 #2 Tue Feb 19 11:46:29 EST 2008 i686 GNU/Linux

  7. Ed Says:


    Не работает под WinXP Pro SP3 Rus

    При старте дает ошибку
    “Приложению не удалось запуститься, поскольку d3dx9_29.dll не был найден. Повторная установка приложения может исправить эту ошибку”

    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6750 @ 2.66GHz (2 CPUs)
    Memory: 2048MB RAM

    Display Devices
    Card name: NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT
    Driver Name: nv4_disp.dll
    Driver Version: 6.14.0011.6921 (English)

  8. Ed Says:

    Кстати движок игры перенесён на DirectX.
    Почему же тогда в readme-файлах описываются ключи командной строки?

    –no-gl turns off using of the hardware OpenGL renderer
    –force-gl forces using of the GL renderer, even if no acceleration was detected.

  9. whoozle Says:

    Ed, обновите DirectX. К сожалению мы не можем таскать за собой ещё 60-70-метров DX.
    Его можно взять в любой игрушке, или на сайте microsoft.
    версия нужна не раньше февраля 2006. (29)

  10. whoozle Says:

    t0ster, illegal instruction скорее всего говорит о том что вы собрали для неправильной архитектуры :(

  11. Саня Says:

    РЕАЛЬНАЯ ИГРУШКА!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Dylan Says:

    I like this map

  13. Анатолий Says:

    Классная штука, понравилась.

  14. ApX Says:

    Посмотрел скриншоты, заинтересовался игрой, попытался запустить под Vista Home Basic, получил ошибку. Ругается на DirectX: не может найти d3ddx9_29.dll, хотя dxdiag говорит, что установлен 10-й DirectX и 9.0c устанавливаться конечно же отказывается. Попытка распаковать все CAB архивы 9-го DirectX в папку с Battle Tanks к успеху не привели - игра ругается, что точка входа в какую-то там процедуру в kernel32.dll не найдена.
    Можно ли как-то запустить игру под вистой?

  15. whoozle Says:

    Зачем распаковывать архивы с DX ?? Надо просто скачать редист и установить.
    Либо ждать следующего релиза, он под d3d 8.1 и работает везде. Скоро уже.

  16. whoozle Says:

  17. nilesh Says:


  18. oziel Says:

    apenas lo voy a vajar

  19. H.S.K. Says:

    Кхм, у меня подобная проблема.
    And network play doesn’t work for me.

    [14:35:15.537][engine/tmx/map.cpp:1254]> [error] deserialize: [engine/src/finder.cpp:237]: file ‘maps/../../../data/tilesets/terrains.png’ not found
    [14:35:15.537][engine/src/player_manager.cpp:654] [error] on_message(0, ServerStatus): [engine/src/finder.cpp:237]: file ‘maps/../../../data/tilesets/terrains.png’ not found
    Возможно ли её как-то решить?
    Удалил DirectX10, текст ошибки изменился. Наблюдаю прогресс…

  20. Bishop Says:


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