Some news on upcoming release

Uranium mines affected us: there was no release for four months. But we struggle as real heroes and patriots. We’re preparing another «most featured» release powered by arm uranium.

We added the team modes to our neat arcade, even Capture The Flag! These modes are playable on each deathmatch map. 95% of code have been finished, just a few more testing is remaining. And as always there is a brand new map!

Linux geeks could grab code from svn right now (beware of bugs!).

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  1. Gio/Wiidark Says:

    Hey, anything about network play? :)

  2. whoozle Says:

    It was here forever. Maybe you mentioned _online_ internet game, didn’t you?

  3. sicman Says:

    хочу капкан на крупного зверя!!!

  4. Kamil Páral Says:

    Hi. You should really provide some nice screenshots on this page (the Screenshots link is not working). Those JPEG images on sourceforge page are really terrible, the game looks much better in real. Post some nice PNG images here. It’s really needed if you want people to write about your game (it’s really hard to do it without a screenshot). I just created a page describing Battle Tanks and I really miss some nice looking screenshot.

  5. whoozle Says:

    Screenshot page was lost during wordpress upgrade process :) I’ve uploaded missing files.
    Thank you!

    Also we’re planning to make promo video and post it on youtube soon among with some new screenshots.

  6. M77 Says:

    Привет из Латвии. Как смотрите чтобы сделать линки друг на друга? Мы могли бы сделать специальные банеры. Или просто ссылки. Как работают donations? :)

  7. Вован Says:

    Battery - классная игра! У меня теперь перед глазами экран вниз плывет :)

  8. whoozle Says:

    M77, поставили! :)

  9. M77 Says:

    whoozle, красивое имя :)))
    щас влеплю линк на вас

  10. M77 Says:

    Еще бы таких friendly projects. :)

  11. Gio/Wiidark Says:

    I\’m so excited for the next release, but no pressure guys, you take as long as you need to make a good product.

  12. спутниковый мониторинг Says:

    убил чутка время, спасибо))

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