Finally we have dropped OpenAL support. R.I.P.

I wrote a complete 3d-sound library recently. It’s as abstract as possible, so you can freely use it in your projects (LGPL license). Still very experimental and subject to change, but already usable. Or maybe wait for release. Anyway feel free to contact me.

Next targets are playing via internet and MacOS X port. Thank you for your attention.

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  1. Vegasq Says:

    Ожидаем =)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    What\’s wrong with OpenAL? The API is not bad, and it\’s the only thing that hardware producers will support on free systems to have hardware acceleration.

  3. whoozle Says:

    i tell you what’s wrong - it just DO NOT work :)
    After you blacklist nvidia AL driver. After you move all your code to one thread and generate all (OMFG 8!!! or 16!!) sources at once. After you write your own source manager to remove far sources and restart closer ones. After you deal with several sources attached with single object.
    Then, a bit of black magic and it really works! :)
    Add here multiply bugs, glitches, incompatibilities with BE platforms and the latest mmx crashes (hopefully fixed with the help of the debian games team :)

  4. Gio/ I+ member Says:

    This is an awesome game! I’m quite surprise it ain’t as popular as Soldat! I really hope ya’ll keep this game going, I sure hate to see such a wonderful game die like many other free multi-player games.

  5. whoozle Says:

    Don’t Panic

    We’re not dying, we’re preparing the next major release. Check out SVN activity to be sure :)
    (more than 1000 revisions+ from the latest 5800)

  6. Gio/ I+ member Says:

    So any online support? A game like this deserves online support. I can see my self playing this game as much as Soldat if online support is considered.

  7. whoozle Says:

    this(internet playability) is primary direction after CTF and other stuff.

  8. noble Says:

    I was going to ask is a Mac port was underway. I would volunteer to help, but I have very little time. I might be able to test on PPC mac hardware, and help debug.

  9. Снег Says:

    Ждем релиза)))

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