Something about upcoming 0.7

We’ve done another big step towards the next release: rebalanced all stuff, reduced bullet ranges, implemented dozen new cool objects and modes (including submarine with ballistic nuke missiles), added LUA scripting which can affect almost all stuff on maps. 

But now we’ve hardly needed bright ideas for new maps demonstrating power of the new engine:) Feel free to drop a line or two in comments.

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  1. qubodup Says:

    Dude your captcha’s broken

  2. qubodup Says:

    About captcha: It won’t take uppercase chars it seems (If this post is posted, then I’m wrong though)

  3. qubodup Says:

    Ok I guess I\’m stupid then.

  4. Fredy Says:

    Добавте локацию где можно грабить корованы :), для успокоения страждущих на лоре.

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