Battle Tanks 0.6.5064 released!

This release primarily was targeted at multiplayer improvements and playability even on poor connections. Added UDP connection for faster player response, paintball map was redrawn from scratch and millions fixes. Check it out!

BTW, we’ve got first snow here. Today.

Full changelog available here.

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  1. Thugce Says:

    What about Linux version?

  2. Simon Says:

    Indeed, all I see is an installer for Windows. What gives?

  3. whoozle Says:

    We’ve got no time to maintain rpms, debs, e-builds and other stuff for different distros. :( Sorry.
    You can always grab source from subversion repo and build it. It’s always consistent. There’s no difference between building source from tar.bz2 or from svn, except you don’t have to download whole archive again and again. Just pull changes with ’svn update’ command.

    and there’s another reason for not releasing linux version this time: for the past two days we’ve changed a whole lot of things, so I think we will release another version very soon :( (withing couple of days)

  4. Simon Says:

    I looked in your svn, and it looks like you didn’t tag a release, so I don’t actually have any way of ensuring that I get versioned code. If you want to tag the next release, just make a directory in the root called tags, and use the svn cp command to “copy” /trunk into /tags/, i.e. /tags/0.6.5064. I’m not saying you need to support ebuilds, rpms, and debs, but a source tarball would be nice, so that someone else can make packages without having to create their own source tarball.

  5. whoozle Says:

    Sorry for delay, I’ve uploaded recent release + small gamepad patches there:

  6. Simon Says:

    Thanks, I’ll try it out :D

  7. whoozle Says:

    By the way, next release will contain major gameplay update: new weapon modes, new vehicle and new cooperative map . The most funniest thing in it that we got all those fresh and brilliant ideas only a few days after release. :)

  8. ddlf Says:

    Очень хочется версию под Дебиан, но как собирать из исходников (скачал bzip2) так и не понял, ибо не программист ни разу(. Можт кра-а-атенькое хауту?

  9. whoozle Says:

    а в дебиане танки есть. по крайней мере я видел какую-то версию в sid :)

  10. whoozle Says:

    ddlf, ну а вообще танки должны собираться под ia32/x86_64 debian без проблем. кратенький хауту находится в файлике README-linux.txt. Установите все библиотеки указанные там и scons.
    потом распакуйте исходники и запустите scons.
    запускать игру можно прямо из этого каталога. ./bt

  11. Louis Says:

    battle tanks is awesome

  12. Louis Says:

    battle tanks is cool

  13. СКС Says:

    Классная игра.

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