0.5.4800 is out!

Another bugfix release + Italian translation. Key features for this release are:

  • Added new simple map : paintball. You can test almost all weaponry available in game there.
  • Removed velocity parameters from sound engine, it’s not needed for 2d arcade, really. Improved cannon sounds.
  • Make nuke harder to escape.
  • Various AI fixes:
    • AI is able to travel via teleports (very basic support, they threat teleport as some kind of the bonus).
    • Blacklisting of unreachable objects.
    • Improved weapon balance calculations for infinite weaponry such cannons and machine guns.
    • Improved torus map handling and various small fixes.
  • Game could be started from the read only environment like cdrom or network drive.
  • Ported build system to vc80 compiler. Added manifests, upgraded installer.

We are waiting for the feedback from the Vista users regarding openAL and installer issues.

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  1. the_real_maniac Says:

    You are waiting respond from vista users, but what about to say something about known issues (at the other ports) !?.

  2. the_real_maniac Says:

    I forget to tell you also -> because of this: # Blacklisting of unreachable objects.
    On most maps there are few items you can not reach, because you bump in the ground (as it is a hill or somethign). So nice addon as a start, but need map changes or better unreachable object definition ;-)

    keep the good work

  3. whoozle Says:

    Please take screenshot of the “unreachable” object you think.
    About known issues: I’ve rewrote all time-sync code regarding multiplayer, but there are still few bugs around. Also I’ve fixed short delays(five per second) because of minimap regeneration just today. :) We’re planning to release patch shortly.

  4. Michael Says:

    Installed on vista with no problem.
    kinda expecting full screen mode.

  5. whoozle Says:

    michael, go to the options menu, adjust resolution and check ‘fullscreen mode’ checkbox.

  6. oliver Says:

    First thing: why does this blog shows for all articles only “Sorry, but this post is not available in English” (as title and as text)? The page looks kinda funny this way, but some “real” content would be better :-) (maybe some bad configuration with the blog localisation?)

    And then: what exactly is the objective on these maps?? I’ve driven around on the Lenin statue map, fired at some stuff, but what am I supposed to do?? Do I have to kill something? Or kill all enemies (seems hopeless - they respawn immediately)? And who exactly is the enemy? If the red things are enemies and the green things are allies, why do the greenies damage me? If the reds and greens are both enemies, why the different colors? What the hell should I fire at? :-)
    Sorry if that sounds like a rant, but the game seems really nice at first and then simply offers no explanation what’s the objective…

    PS: oh and the blog seems bugged anyway… After I typed wrong captcha, it removed all but the first line form my posting text…

  7. whoozle Says:

    That’s rather strange… Maybe you’ve disabled cookies in your browser ? Try clicking icon with american flag in the upper right corner.

    About objectives:
    Please note upper box while picking the map. It shows type of the map and split screen mode status.
    This type usually “deathmatch” or “cooperative”. You would not expect “objective” on deathmatch map in quake 3, would you ? :)

    We have just 2.5 “cooperative” maps with real objectives. It’s “baikonur”, “platform” and “university”(you could destroy all helicopters to win death match).
    These maps are quite difficult to develop/balance and we cannot draw it as fast as we want, sorry :)

  8. Gerd Says:

    hi, tried to install on vista 64bit, but at the end an error occured and no installation!
    what’s wrong?

  9. Marisol Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks again for the great service you guys have been provided!

  10. begemot Says:

    Хотелось бы экран победы позрелищней. Да и чтобы сама победа как то выделялась, а то и не понятно с первого взгляда, кто победил.

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