Release 0.5.4739 is out

0.5.4739 is bugfix and multiplayer enhancement release. Several major features and fixes:

  • You can join network game in split screen mode.
  • Added optional time limit to deathmatch map.
  • You can talk with other players by hitting ENTER/RETURN key.
  • UTF-8 everywhere! You can use diacritics from French or Germal language without transliteration.
  • Several new cheats :)
  • Tuned global messages (about new tasks, game over or checkpoints ) to avoid mixing with menus or map background.
  • Once again troopers don’t shoot through the walls.
  • Multiplayer errors do not shutdown game anymore and many many other multiplayer fixes.

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  1. Mike Says:

    A guide to compiling the source on Linux might encourage quicker adoption

  2. Michael Says:

    Difficulty installing the latest MSI in MS Vista. It gets through the whole install with the MSI and then stops at the end saying something is missing and then backs out. Any ideas?

  3. jalexandre Says:

    A guide to compiling source on linux, or a debian/ubuntu/red-hat package will be nice.

  4. Jeffrey Patrick Lui Says:

    It would be nice if you could provide binaries for the most common Linux systems. I\\\’m not definitively sure what the most common are, but please provide debs, and I think RPM is also common. You could start with that.

    My strategy for more converts is like this:
    1. Make battle tanks (and other good open-source games) in the office lan games, and promote adoption of more open-source games.
    2. Tell people they can get this game on Linux, by just going to this site, downloading it, and install it EASILY.
    3. Promote Linux games even more.

    Thanks for Battle Tanks!:)

  5. whoozle Says:

    Michael, please try the following temporary workaround :

  6. hussar Says:

    The file README-Linux.txt provides some guidance on compiling under Linux. Here it is:

    “1) This game must be built with scons build system, no matter you like it or not. You
    have no choice. Autotools & family is stupid crap and I hope it’ll die soon.”

    I hadn’t heard of scons ( until now, and since I haven’t been able to get it to build on my system, it is unlikely that I’ll be playing Battle Tanks anytime soon. That’s a pity, since the reviews seem positive and it looks like it would be fun to play.

  7. guh Says:

    DEBIAN Please… i am using ubuntu and wanted to play it. Can you provide a more HUMAN FRIENDLY download page? :D


  8. Michael Says:

    That helped. Before it could whip out the directory I copied it somewhere else. Let it finish it\\\’s dirty work and then copied it back.

    Vista settings
    Run as admin, run winxp xp2 compaitability mode.

  9. whoozle Says:

    Guh, human friendly downloads are prohibited by sourceforge license agreement. :))
    People who use its services are restricted to use file release system with no options :(

  10. Rechosen Says:

    I managed to get the game running on Fedora 6. It was pretty straightforward: just get all the dependencies (they are listed in README-linux.txt) and run the \’scons\’ command in the build directory. However, I don\’t think the application is ready for Linux yet, mainly because of these issues:

    * The scons install target doesn\’t seem to work. I think the game should be installable, also for the packaging.
    * It seems like it\’s mandatory to execute the game with the build directory as the working directory, because it looks for it\’s data in the working directory. Does the game also look for it\’s data elsewhere? It would be nice to be able to store the data in, for example, /usr/(local/)share/battletanks or something like that.

    If you manage to fix these things and maybe help some people packaging the game for different distro\’s, I think it will find more players under Linux. Anyway, thanks for creating this game!

  11. Jhenya Says:


  12. Jeffrey Patrick Lui Says:

    whoozle, can you run me through how to make a .deb file?
    Right now, I tried doing sudo checkinstall -D scons, but when I open the deb file, in the included files tab, all I can see are docs.

  13. Flynth Says:

    How do you install it from the source? “scons build” seems to finish ok, but there is no “scons install” option. Is there no install functionality with this source package?

  14. whoozle Says:

    look for gentoo ebuild for details. I will add scons install target asap :)

  15. the_real_maniac Says:

    Hi all.

    First i want to say nice game, but you have so much work to do :)

    Second … i try the multiplayer - in LAN it’s ok, but over the internet is … bad , very bad.
    I don’t know why. But let me explain

    I and one of my friend have conection betwen us of ~600KiloBytes/sec so it is not the speed or the delay of the network, but when i join his game or the otherwise / counterverse -> he joins in my game we both have SERIOS LAAGG !!! in single plear neither he or I have lags or anything!

    In Multiplayer in my HOME (where i have Lan 10/100mbit) … no problems - that’ issue is not seen
    but in internet game with my friend boom ;(

    Also i try the game on one Duron 1.1Ghz 512MB SDR PC133, NV FX 5200 , well the game is running a little bit hard on 800×600 and nice only on 640×480 which is not expected and even bad for such a small game , which DO NOT have amazing physics or graphics ?

    Although I realy like the game looks :) ;-)

    So keep the good work and if you have any idea ?

    ps: i have the idea to make vpn betwen me and my friend.
    i only see that game uses only TCP 9876 ?(funny but as you have not think of the port, just entered 9-> :) )

    But if the game is using some ports more - maybe this is the problem :)

  16. whoozle Says:

    >But if the game is using some ports more - maybe this is the problem
    No, the game establishes single tcp connection even for split screen client mode.

    >Also i try the game on one Duron 1.1Ghz 512MB SDR PC133, NV FX 5200
    First of all, we use GL for 3d rendering. So please be sure that you have the latest nvidia display and chipset drivers installed. Also try software renderer mode ( –no-gl command line switch ) .
    and –no-sound on your Duron, maybe your integrated sound drivers a bit outdated and buggy.

  17. the_real_maniac Says:

    Thanks for your fast respond !

    and for the internet/multiplayer port usage explaination ;) :)

    But let return to the issue …

    I ask one more of my friends to try the game and also i try it on another of my home pc too ;) :)

    CPU: Celeron Tualatin 1.4@1.63Ghz
    RAM: 512MB SDR PC133
    MoBo: i815EP1 rev2.0 (latest chipset released for tualatin ;-) )
    drivers: very stable drivers -> video,audio , etc

    os: (again Windows (because I first tried the windows version ;-) and my opinion is for this version , not the linux (i have not yet tried it).

    video: Sapphire 9100(ati) with latest ATI drivers that have realy good support of 9100:) Because the true latest ATI driver doesn\’t give good support to old video chipset.
    and so on.

    The result:

    The game shows a fps rate around 50 , but at every maybe 4,5 sec ? there is a little glicth/lag , just for a moment … it is noticed ! it can\’t bother you, but you can see it clearly ;) The fps rate stays 40-50 in this moment, but … amm you can see for a just a moment, a really only one moment a game freeze :? or something like that (lag/glicth for a moment). (same thing at Duron 1.1 at 800×600) , here the PC uses also 800×600.

    On better PC this problem is not seen ! , but i don\’t think it is because the game is heavy and need more CPU \

  18. the_real_maniac Says:

    (my post was cut ??? it there some limit in lines)

    “power”/perfomance, the problem is somewhere else, maybe in wrong components loading during the game / movements, because i FORGOT to mention the freezes are ONLY VISIBLE only when you move, in mean if you stand still/no movement there is no glitches everything around you move ok :)

    Another thing. I try with this PC a LAN multiplayer game , the freezes was the same. So in LAN the multiplayer game DOESN’T affect the game perfomance , but in Internet as i already said … even I with my Desktop (main) PC have lags when play trough the Internet … and why i’m so sure it is because of the multiplayer over internet.

    Because even with too middle-class PC’s:

    mine -> P4 2.4C HT , 512 DDR400@CL2.5, Sapphire 9550 256mb/128bit, Asus P4P8X i865P
    second player over the internet ->

  19. the_real_maniac Says:

    mine -> P4 2.4C HT , 512 DDR400@CL2.5, Sapphire 9550 256mb/128bit, Asus P4P8X i865P
    second player over the internet -> AMD 2200+ , 512mb ram, nv5200 64mb

    We both have no problems in single player !
    but we both have problems at internet multiplayer > both have a little lag and sometimes you press up/direction some/.. and in next moment you are not one step ahead you are 10 steps ahead ;) :-)

    maybe some internet comunication problem, but we have good internet connections.

    I hope this will hell you and the game it self is funny ;) Keep the good work :) :P :) Good luck all ;) :) :-P :)

  20. RC Says:

    How do you get all the levels, i only get 12 out of the 14 available

  21. whoozle Says:

    i thought we’ve got 13 levels :-D

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