Battle Tanks project needs your help

5 May 2010

Battle Tanks projects seeks level-designers for open-source version of the game. Unfortunately we cannot hire non-Russian speaking people due to dual-licensed source and difficulties with payments into foreign countries.

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Battle Tanks server notes

4 May 2010

Battle Tank could run in server mode from the command line:

btanks --server --log=server.log --game-type=deathmatch --map=curfew,paintball --ai=3

(run server, write log to server.log, game type set to deathmatch, map cycling: curfew and paintball. Added 3 ai players, which could be replace by real players instantly.
game-type could be “deathmatch”, “cooperative”, “ctf” or “team-deathmatch”.

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BattleTanks-0.9 was just released!

30 December 2009

Have been long since last release, isn’t it? Today we’re releasing major engine update to Battle Tanks. This update comes with brand new server! Unfortunately we have not finished any new maps, it’s still work-in-progress. All volunteers are welcome!  If you’re feeling that you could help, do not hesitate to contact us – we’d provide any help you need. Also I’m starting to document everything, but enough plans. Here’s some notes about 0.9 release:

  • We prioritize internal network queue improving overall multiplayer experience.
  • New version of clunk library: MDCT, HRTF, SSE and other obscure words :)
  • Better compression - new release is about 30m!
  • Player profiles support.
  • No need for DirectX9 anymore. 3d-acceleration was ported to DX8.
  • Fixed ancient bug when boarding a vehicle could become very tricky without rolling - now it could be done very easily.
  • Lot of performance optimizations, better collision tracking.

Note for package maintainers: we have renamed to due the conflict with BlackBox (whatever it is).

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xmas 0.9 release

25 December 2009

Merry xmas, everyone! Sorry for the long delay, we’re back! New servers are up and running, so expect release very soon

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Battle Tanks for MacOS X 10.5 and 10.4 build

5 September 2008

Finally, we’ve made it!
MacOS X 10.4/5 universal build.

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Critical update for multiplayer - upgrade everyone!

3 September 2008

Recently we’ve discovered terrible bug in multiplayer code preventing users from connecting to the server. :(

We’ve re-uploaded 0.8.7686, and uploaded two micro patches. Update1+2 for is the vanilla 0.8.7656 and update2 for the updated to 0.8.7667 installations. Sorry for inconvenience.

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Testing patch system

1 September 2008

Yet another bicycle was born today! I’ve started another compact patching system about a week ago. So, the first patch is out: 0.8-update1. It updates battle tanks from version 0.8.7656 to 0.8.7667. It’s only 900k! It fixes HRTF noise, updates french translation and adds capitalization for auto-generated nicks. Download it now and help us improving our nice game! Windows only.

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Battle Tanks 0.8 finally released!

15 August 2008

At last! What Bolsheviks were dreaming about for so long now comes true: after a whole month of work we present a final Battle Tanks 0.8.7656. And even for Mac users! Thanks to all for your bug reports, and please send more!

The full changelog is more than 100 lines long, so we will only mention news after 0.8-RC1.


  • The engine is ported to MacOS X 10.5 Leopard. We also think about a port for 10.4 Tiger.
  • For linuxoids, an “install” target is added for scons.
  • A new Ukrainian localization is added, as well as new diacritic marks for the Cyrillic codepage.
  • Thanks to a better algorithm of counting the delays (based on bar chart of errors) and a new method of serialization of floats, the quality of life network game became better.
  • A DNS cache is added to eliminate delays on scanning the servers.


  • Servers in the connection dialog are now colored: live servers are green and dead ones are white. We have also added a progress indicator for the scanning process.
  • Buttons are now highlighted on mouse hover. Easy but looks great!
  • System messages are now displayed using user’s language, not server’s.
  • System icons are re-drawn for WinXP, Vista, and Mac.


  • Damage is increased for tank ammo.
  • Shilka now unloads its cargo when it is killed. So if there were troopers or nuclear mines inside–they drop for everyone’s joy and surprise :-) .


  • An incorrect work of UDP on BSD systems is corrected.
  • Hanging on scanning servers is eliminated.
  • Crash on machines that don’t have a sound card is fixed.
  • A wrong number of channels in ogg stream is now right.
  • Problems with broadcasting UDP are no longer problems.
  • A bug is fixed that allowed some objects to be immortal. (Everyone should have seen a non-destructible spaceport on cooperative maps.)
  • A swarm of small but nasty errors is fixed.

Warning! The Internet game server is also updated, so please don’t try connecting to it using an old client.

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News from the battlefield

5 August 2008

Just a few minutes ago I finished MacOSX port of Battle Tanks. Proofpic:

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And now for something completely different!

1 August 2008

We got Solar Eclipse right now here in Russia, Novosibirsk.
photo by lj user otmenych

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